About Us

Empowering the dreams of those delivering to America.

About Us

The most complete premier service provider for America’s trucking industry. We support our customers in achieving their goals, and we commit to help our partners and communities thrive.

Our experts at Simplex take care of compliance, permitting and tax reporting. Our Freight4U division assists customers with freight planning and factoring services and our Simplex Insurance division provides them with coverage on any unexpected circumstance they may face along the way. Each division has the expertise to help them achieve their goals and work together to provide the best support in order to fulfill their dreams.

We are here for the independent and ambitious entrepreneurs that want to pursue a better life for themselves and loved ones. We believe you can make it happen, and we want to play a part in making your dreams come true. Because when you succeed, we succeed.

What Defines Us

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Our customers are our priority.

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To bring only the best to our customers.

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Our customers and partners deserve our attention and respect.

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We provide creative solutions.

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We invest in our team and in our organization, so we can better support our customers.

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When we give back, we all succeed.

Join Our Team

Beyond our beliefs, talent is what makes us unique.

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