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The world runs on the transportation industry, and to be a front-runner in this business, you must follow all regulations. If you have a new trucking company in Atlanta, Georgia, the rules and regulations can be complex to understand. It’s even harder for smaller trucking companies to get the necessary cash flow while figuring out which permits, insurance and other requirements must be met.

There is much to focus on, from buying trucks and hiring drivers, to getting clients and running your business. With the help of Simplex Group, you will have a partner who is driven to help you succeed. We ensure you are compliant from the start and have what you need to go the distance. Even though we don’t have offices in Georgia, we have a large client base in the state and serve clients throughout the country.

Requirements for a DOT Number in Atlanta, GA

All trucking companies must adhere to the DOT standards set by the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Failure to do so means that you could incur hefty fines and penalties, up to $15,000 per violation plus $10,000 each day until the offense is corrected.

The commissioner also has the authority to impose additional fines. This is why all Atlanta, Georgia trucking companies must be aware of all penalties and adhere to all DOT standards.

You must follow the right steps to get a DOT number. This starts with applying through the Unified Registration System. However, it can be easy to make mistakes when filling out the application, which could delay the process and cause more headaches down the line. Get DOT safety compliance done right the first time with Simplex Group.

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Trucking Insurance

Insurance is necessary in any business, and in trucking, it is even more vital because it protects you and your business. Knowing the insurance you need can be difficult, but Simplex Group is a licensed trucking insurance agency.

That means we can provide you with the proper coverage and paperwork you need. We take the guesswork out of the process, and with our other services for trucking entrepreneurs, we create a one-stop shop that helps you focus on your business and goals.


Permits may be the most complicated part of the trucking industry. You must follow the rules and regulations of the FMCSA and state laws, regulatory boards, committees, and programs.

If your trucking company will undergo interstate travel and has trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds or will transport hazardous items, you must apply for Unified Carrier Registration. This permit also requires annual payments to stay current.

You also need to have a fuel permit and with the International Fuel Tax Agreement, you can make payments quarterly. However, some states are not under this mandate, meaning that you would need to pay them directly. This is where it can get confusing for those running new trucking companies.

Rest assured, with Simplex Group, you will have the partner you need to look out for your best interests. We will help you get the right permits and avoid making costly mistakes by ensuring every permit you need is current to keep your business rolling.  

Freight Planning

The way you plan your freight has a direct impact on how much money you spend and earn. Your goal as a carrier is to find the best ways to save money while being efficient with your fleet.

Our goal at Simplex Group is to make sure all your trucks have the right specifications to generate maximum profit. We also help plan your routes and advise you how to make your business more profitable. Freight planning also involves checking your clients’ credit standing to ensure you are paid on time.

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One of the biggest problems for new trucking companies is cash flow. Your brokers can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days to pay for a delivery. Even though you’ve delivered the cargo, you may end up in the red while waiting for your payment.

At Simplex Group, we offer factoring as your ultimate cash flow solution. Factoring provides you with the necessary cash flow to maintain operations. Meanwhile, we will collect the payment on your behalf.

Most trucking companies need factoring as it can help them get the money they need to keep their business afloat. Your monthly operating expenses for your insurance, fuel, maintenance, and drivers salaries need to be accounted for. Factoring gives you the freedom to succeed on the road while someone is looking out for your backend operations.

Simplex Group provides trucking factoring for a small fee, allowing you immediate access to cash upon delivery and paperwork approval. There are no hidden costs, and with our partners at OTR Solutions, you have a dedicated team to manage this part of your business.

There are no monthly minimums and this comprehensive program can help fuel your business, keeping your trucks on the road and ensuring regular cash flow.

Why Choose Simplex Group?

If you are starting a trucking company in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many things you must do first. You need to buy the trucks for your fleet. You need to hire competent drivers to deliver freight. You also need to get the cargo delivered and figure out the logistics of moving it from Atlanta to the rest of the country.

Your trucking company can’t operate without being DOT-compliant. You also need the right insurance, permits, and a way to keep cash flow moving. It is a huge undertaking on your own, but with Simplex Group, we make it easy by being your partner in all your operations.

Large trucking companies shouldn’t be the only ones to succeed. They may have departments devoted to different aspects of the business. But, if you’re a small business, we want to see you succeed. That is why we offer all the tools you need in one place to help you meet your goals and drive you to success.

Contact our experts at Simplex Group to get everything you need for your trucking company. We can help you with all your needs even though we do not have an office in Georgia. Any of our Georgia clients can attest to the excellent service we provide to trucking companies in the state.