Trucking Authority Packages

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Running a trucking company is hard enough without being bogged down in paperwork. Simplex Group takes care of every kind of paperwork involved in the trucking industry. We are committed to the success of the trucking businesses that we serve. When you hire us, we consider ourselves part of your team. We offer full trucking authority packages to make the launching of your business go more smoothly.

The Department of Transportation regulates safety for all major forms of transportation. You must have trucking authority to operate as a commercial motor carrier and move freight between states or within your state. To acquire this authority, you will have to fill out many forms and pay quite a few fees, whether you operate within one state or several.

Intrastate and Interstate Packages

Some trucking companies travel from state to state to deliver cargo. These companies are called interstate operations. Other companies simply travel within their state. These companies are known as interstate trucking operations.

Knowing the license and permits, you need for each type of truck can be vexing. The trucking experts at Simplex Group know exactly what you need to be compliant and successful.

We offer trucking authority packages to both interstate and interstate companies. With 20 years of experience, we know exactly what each type of trucking company needs. We want to save you time and money whether you travel around the country or the corner.

Interstate Trucks Authority Package

Our interstate trucking packages include several different registrations and the fees that go with them.

  • DOT Number (intrastate & interstate)
  • Motor Carrier Permit (MC) 
  • Agent of Process (BOC-3) 
  • Authority Letter 
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR 0-2)

DOT Number

You will have to have a DOT number before you attain your trucking authority for an interstate vehicle. This number is required of all vehicles that meet the following criteria:

  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating, or gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight of 10,001 pounds or more
  • Transports more than 8 people for compensation
  • Transports 15 people or more for free

If a truck transports cargo or people from one state to another, they are under the authority of the DOT and will need a DOT number. If your starting point and destination are in the same state, but you drive through another state to get from point A to Point B, you do not need a DOT number.

You will have to register your company as a business entity with the state to get a DOT number. You can make your business a Limited Liability Company or a corporation.

Unified Carrier Registration

The Unified Carrier Registration System (URS) is a web-based registration system designed to simplify the FMCSA registration process. It is used as a clearinghouse and storage system for information on businesses regulated by the FMCSA. 

The URS combines several different registration processes into one online process. All interstate truck drivers must use this process. Paper forms are not accepted.

When starting a new interstate trucking company, you will have to create an account with the Unified Registration System, and there is a registration fee of $300. Registering a company is a long and detailed process.

Our team of professional trucking experts has years of experience with the URS. We understand that your paperwork needs to be done right the first time. When you are opening a business, you are on a strict timetable, and delays in paperwork can hold you up. 
Our comprehensive package not only includes your UCR URS registration fee but our expertise in this system itself. You will never have to worry about your forms missing information when you partner with us.

Agent for Process (BOC-3)

Any company needs a designated service for a process agent. This is someone who receives legal documents on behalf of the company. In the trucking industry, this person may also be known as an FMCSA agent.

You must have a process agent located in each state in which you operate. They must be physically present in the state, and they must be available during business hours, Monday through Friday. The most common type of document an agent will receive is a summons or complaint.

In the trucking industry, a company must have the name of its Agent for Service of Process on file with the federal government. They will use a federal filing known as a BOC-3. In most cases, you will have to file a BOC-3 before you are legally allowed to operate. 

The form asks for basic information such as the name, professional title, and address of each person authorized to sign in each state. If a company acts as an agent for service, it can file A blanket designation for every state in which they operate.

We include the cost of this filing in our interstate package. We want your business to be successful, and we will make sure this important document is filled out thoroughly and filed in time.

Motor Carrier Number

Certain types of motor carriers must have a motor carrier number to operate. We will file an OP-1 form if you need such a number.  If you transport federally-regulated commodities owned by others or if your company arranges for their transport, you must have an MC number. If your company transports people across state lines for a direct or indirect fee, you must have an MC number.

Exceptions to the Rule

Some truckers and commercial drivers do not need an MC number. You will not need this form if you are:

  • A private carrier, and you transport your cargo
  • A for-hire trucking company that carries cargo that is not federally regulated
  • A company that stays within a commercial zone in an intestate area. An example of this would be if you are operating in an area that borders two or more states, such as Washington DC, and Virginia, and Vancouver, Washington

You will be issued an MC, FF, or MX number based on the type of authority that you need. You may need more than one type of operating authority to do business. Much of it will depend on the type of cargo you haul and the length of the authority you want. There are a few different types of hauls that you should be aware of.

Motor Carrier of Property

A Motor Carrier transports commodities regulated by the government other than household goods. Motor Carriers of property must file proof of bodily injury and property damage insurance with FMCSA.

Moving Companies

A trucking company that transports household goods for money must have public liability insurance and cargo insurance. Household goods are considered items used in a home, such as furniture. The transportation would be paid for by the persons living in the home to which they are being shipped. They must file proof of insurance with the FMCSA.

Other Paperwork Needed for Household Goods

A company that transports household goods or acts as a freight forwarder must offer an arbitration agreement to its customers. The agreement is to settle disputes over damage to cargo. This agreement must be filed with the FMCSA. You will not be granted household goods authority without it.

If your trucking company takes a mixture of hauls, you will need different types of authorities.

If you operate an interstate trucking company, you will also have to pay some state filing fees. You may have to pay fees to your home state and other states.

Authority Letter

When you have filed all of the paperwork necessary to operate a trucking company, the FMCSA will send you a letter of authority. You must have the letter in your possession to operate. The letter normally takes about 10 days to receive after meeting all of the requirements. The letter can be expedited if you pay an additional fee. 

We will make sure you get your letter as quickly as possible. We know how excited you are to get started, and we are just as excited for you. As soon as you open for business, we will be there to help you hire drivers to acquire clients and plan routes. We will make sure you are ready for your first audit as well.

How Long Does It Take to Process All of the Paperwork?

Processing all of the paperwork involved in a full trucking authority package usually can take around 20 to 30 days. But because of the pandemic, FMCSA is currently backed up so processing times might take a bit longer. If paperwork isn’t filled out properly, the FMCSA may need to review it further. When this happens, it can take an additional two months to process.

Simplex Group knows that a small trucking business cannot afford an additional 8 weeks to begin operations. We are well versed in the trucking authority process, and we will make sure that your paperwork is filled out completely, correctly, and in a timely fashion. We will do everything we can to keep your upfront operating authority costs low.

Intrastate Authority Packages

If you operate your own trucking company and never leave your state, we have authority packages for you as well. Over 30 states require a for-hire carrier to have a DOT number even if they never leave the state.

The permits and registrations required for trucking authorities will vary from state to state. Simplex Group will ensure you have all the permits you need to operate legally.

We Offer Comprehensive Trucking Services

In addition to putting together the best authority package for you, we handle other elements of the trucking business. We can help you with keeping records of your drivers and obtaining insurance. We can get you ready for your new entrant safety audit and make sure you maintain compliance after that.

Trucking businesses pay a copious amount of taxes, and we can make sure that you file each of them in time. We will also make sure you have all of the necessary tax permits. Taxes truckers pay include:

  • Heavy use vehicle tax
  • New York HUT (Highway Use Tax)
  • New Mexico Weight Distance tax
  • International Registration Plan

Operating a trucking company is hard work. We want you to be able to concentrate on running your business. When you leave the paperwork to us, you can focus on obtaining new clients and finding the very best drivers. Simplex Group’s authority experts will make sure your business gets off to a great start.