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In Case of an Accident

Accidents are in every driver and carrier’s mind. Drivers want to prevent accidents at all costs to avoid any repercussions on their licenses, job status, and paycheck.  For carriers, the same is true; they want their drivers to complete their routes safely and successfully. However, preventing accidents is not the driver’s sole responsibility but those […]

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Understanding 2290’s

The lives of owner-operators, drivers, and carriers are filled with forms, deadlines, and equally important: taxes. On one hand, fuel taxes are always in a carrier and driver’s line of sight, as they need to be filed 4 times a year. However, those are not the only taxes that a trucker needs to pay attention […]

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Types of Inspections by the CVSA  

Inspections are a part of every carrier’s journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new MC or if you’ve been a carrier for 20 years, one thing that never changes is the numerous inspections you go through as part of your profession.   In this blog we will discuss the different levels of inspections conducted by […]

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Avoid Bad Driving Practices

Carriers are familiar with the huge responsibility that comes with having drivers on the road or being on the road themselves. As truck drivers, you spend most of your time behind the wheel with the weight of the country on your shoulders. After hours and hours of driving, some cities and towns start to blend […]

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Understanding Fuel Taxes

Fuel taxes are one of the most tedious parts of being a truck driver. Four times a year, drivers and carriers must file their fuel taxes. Since it’s such an important part of every trucker’s life, let’s dive deep into it and understand what fuel taxes are, why you need to file them, and what’s […]

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Types of Freight Explained

Whether you are thinking about opening your trucking company or joining the trucking industry as a driver, deciding the type of freight you want to transport is an important part of your journey. As carriers, specializing in a specific type of freight has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you can specialize in […]

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Essentials for When You’re On The Road

As Over-The-Road drivers, you are used to spending your time away from home. Whether you are a veteran driver or new to the game, there are some items drivers recommend to always have stocked in your cab. Here are a few essentials you should have: The first item on our list is shower flip-flops: they […]

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Trucking Myths

For people foreign to the trucking industry, a lot of it might seem mysterious, puzzling and confusing. This can lead to misconceptions that harm the image of the industry, creating a negative reputation that impacts drivers, owner-operators, and trucking businesses alike. For this, and many more reasons, it’s imperative to set the record straight and […]

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 Importance of Getting Sleep For Truck Drivers  

Sleep is a common issue for most people, but especially for truck drivers and therefore carriers. Getting enough sleep is extremely important in order to stay alert during long trips, especially at night. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only help you stay alert while being on the road but it’s extremely beneficial to […]

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Review of Driver Retention Tactics 

The topic of driver retention is a constant in the trucking industry. Both for carriers and drivers alike, finding ways to improve the conditions on the road to ensure drivers and carriers are happy is extremely important.   What are some of the things drivers are looking for to stay working for the same company? Although […]

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