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From Liability to Cargo, we keep you covered

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Having insurance coverage is essential to business, but it is especially critical in the trucking industry. Trucking is a dangerous occupation, and commercial truck drivers face hazards such as accidents, theft, and even piracy on a daily basis.

To protect your drivers, trucks, and your clients’ cargo, you must have a complete insurance plan. Simplex Group wants to make sure that in the event of an accident, your company is completely covered. We are a full-service California commercial truck insurance provider that can provide your trucking company with comprehensive commercial auto insurance. We are completely committed to your company’s success!

Trucking Auto Liability Local

Liability insurance is one of the most important things that a trucking company can have. We offer liability insurance for every kind of rig you can name.

Local, Intermediate, and Long Haul 

Wherever it is that you are going, we want to make sure that you get there safely. We offer comprehensive insurance packages to interstate, regional, and intrastate trucking companies. Our trucking experts can not only find you the perfect insurance package, but we can also help you find the safest lane to get where you are going.

Mixed Radius

All trucking insurance policies include a radius clause. This pertains to the distance an individual truck travels in a straight line. There are three different official radii.

  • Trucks traveling under 50 miles are considered local.
  • Trucks traveling 50 to 200 miles are considered intermediate.
  • Trucks traveling over 250 miles are considered long haul.

Not all trucking companies are devoted to just one radius. We can write you an insurance policy with a mixed radius clause. 

Auto Haulers Insurance

As you know, one of the hardest hauls a truck driver can take is automobile hauling. The FMCSA mandates that companies who haul automobiles are covered for at least 1 million dollars. The law only requires you to have $100,000 of cargo insurance. However, cars are expensive, and we want to make sure you are covered for anything that might happen. It is a good idea to have at least $500,000  of coverage if you haul cars.


When a shipment uses more than one type of transportation, it is referred to as an intermodal shipment. The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles bring in plenty of cargo every day, and the containers that come in need to be taken to their final destination. Our intermodal truck insurance provides coverage for trucks that haul containers taken from cargo ships.

Securing your haul is crucial to safety when you have an intermodal haul. If a pin is not fastened or your truck is not balanced, a driver can easily have an accident. We want to make sure that your driver, your cargo, and the public are well taken care of if you have an accident. We will make sure that you have commercial trucking insurance for intermodal hauls!

UIIA & Trailer Interchange Available

We understand that a new trucking company may not own all of its trucks. Trailer Interchange insurance covers physical damage to equipment that you do not own while it is in your care. 

Our insurance agents will make sure that you get the best trucking insurance rates for each type of coverage. The insurance agent you work with will make sure you have the best full coverage. We want to make sure the carriers we service are fully compliant before they open for business. 

Coverage for one vehicle or any size fleet 

Simplex Group is devoted to our client’s growth. Whether you have one truck or hundreds, we will provide you with the very best insurance for all of your vehicles. 

New Ventures

Our entire business is centered around helping new trucking companies get their start in this industry. Unlike other commercial insurance companies, Simplex makes small start-up trucking companies its number one priority. 

Straight Trucks

Although the majority of our clients operate semi-trucks, we cover all kinds of vehicles in the trucking industry. If you are in the waste management industry or if you own moving trucks, we can still take care of all of your insurance needs. 

Physical Damage

When a truck has an accident, it can sustain thousands of dollars of physical damage. We can provide you with a policy that will cover any damage to the trucks in your fleet.

Cargo Damage

We consider your clients to be our clients, so we have a vested interest in their satisfaction. We can ensure that your cargo will be paid for if it is damaged in an accident. We provide all kinds of coverage, including:

  • Reefer 
  • General Freight
  • Dry Goods
  • Flatbed 
  • Intermodal 
  • Auto Haulers

What types of coverages should be included on a Commercial Trucker’s Insurance Policy?

A commercial truck insurance package comprises many different parts known as coverages. There are various ways to protect yourself from the numerous risks associated with trucking operations.

Trucker Auto Liability – All commercial trucks must have liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect you from liability risks if you or your driver have been involved in an accident and is found to be at fault. Your liability insurance will cover bodily injury claims, giving financial assistance for the injured party’s medical bills. Your liability coverage will cover any property damage that occurs as a result of the collision. Whether or not you are found to be at fault, your liability insurance will pay the expense of your defense if legal action is brought against you as a result of the accident.

The Department of Transportation requires commercial truck drivers to have insurance coverage ranging from $750,000 to $1,000,000. The amount of insurance you’ll need is determined by the size of the vehicle, the distance it’ll travel, and the type of cargo you’ll be transporting.

Motor Truck Cargo – This is a type of inland marine insurance that protects goods and property while being transported by motor carrier.

Physical Damage – This is a coverage that protects the insured’s vehicle from damage. Perils such as collision, vandalism, and fire are all covered.

Most trucking insurance companies provide liability, cargo, and property damage insurance. Here at Simplex, we provide general liability insurance and workers’ compensation. 

General liability insurance should not be confused with Truckers Auto Liability. General liability insurance can protect your company from risks unrelated to truck operation, like someone slipping and falling at your office.

Our licensed California insurance representatives want to be a part of your team, and we want to ensure the success of your business. Give us a call today for a commercial truck insurance quote.