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If you own a small trucking company in Charlotte, North Carolina, we know that The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that we have a certain amount of liability insurance. They require us to have this important insurance in case one of the drivers causes an accident. Although the FMCSA may not require them, there are several varieties of insurance that you must have to run a successful trucking company.

Our insurance experts at Simplex Group will help you select the perfect insurance package for your company’s needs. We have been working with small trucking companies for over 20 years. We can put together an insurance package that will cover you for everything you need without wasting your money.

When you fill out our contact form, a representative will contact you about your insurance needs. Before we fill out the form, it is a good idea to familiarize ourselves with the different types of truck insurance necessary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Liability Protection

The FMCSA requires us to have liability insurance in the amount of $750,000 to $5,000,000 if you operate trucks that cross state lines and weigh over 10,000 pounds or if you carry hazardous material in an amount that requires placarding. The exact dollar amount of coverage we need will depend on the commodities you transport. If you carry non-hazardous materials in a vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or under, we must have $300,000 of liability insurance.

We should have far more liability protection than the FMCSA minimum. Trucking accidents cost millions of dollars, and a single collision can be devastating to your company.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

The whole reason clients hire us instead of just buying their own trucks is to get their products from one place to another in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible. If their products are lost, damaged, or stolen along the way, we need a way to compensate the clients who trusted us with them.

Is Cargo Insurance Mandatory?

The FMCSA does not have a minimum amount of insurance required for commercial truck drivers. However, your clients will expect us to have a certain amount of cargo insurance to carry their products across the country. The amount of cargo insurance we need will be specified in the contract signed with by each client. If we do not have this amount of insurance and we have an accident, your client can sue. Your reputation may also be harmed.

Our team at Simplex Group will make sure that we have the very best cargo insurance for the types of products that will be hauled. We are aware of everything that can happen on a trip, and we will ensure that you are 100% covered.

Physical Damage Insurance

If your driver causes an accident while on the road, liability insurance will pay for damage to other people’s vehicles and their medical bills. However, your own vehicle will not be covered. Physical damage insurance will cover the vehicles of trucking companies and owner-operators when they are involved in a crash.

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Is Physical Damage Insurance Required?

The FMCSA does not require physical damage insurance. However, if your trucks are financed, your finance company will surely want you to have this important kind of insurance. Even if you own your trucks outright, damages after an accident can cause thousands of dollars. We will find you a physical damage insurance policy that won’t break your budget.

Reefer Insurance

There are certain types of cargo that a cargo insurance policy will not cover. For refrigerated trucks, a cargo insurance policy will not cover products that are damaged if the refrigeration system fails. We will need a special insurance policy to cover this valuable cargo.

Frozen products are a very lucrative type of cargo. However, if the refrigeration system fails, we can have a major mess on our hands and have to pay a lot of money for repairs. If the food that is being carried spoils, compensation for your client is required for their losses. If the food spoils without your knowledge, people may get sick because of it. This type of insurance will protect these high-tech vehicles if they fail to do their job.

Bobtail Insurance

If you are the owner-operator of your truck or a small trucking company, you know that drivers sometimes detach their trailers and take their vehicles home at night. Unfortunately, your reliability insurance will not cover you if drivers should have an accident when they are not working. Hence, you can purchase bobtail insurance. This insurance will cover us if you have an accident during off hours. Your Simplex Group insurance agent can find you a very reasonably priced policy for this little-used but important type of insurance.

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General Insurance

Almost any business needs general insurance to cover them in case somebody injures themselves at the company’s facility.

A trucking company has people coming in and out all day. You will have clients visiting your office, and you will have vendors filling up your soda machines. Third parties might deliver products on behalf of your clients. You will also have trucks moving in and out of the facility, truckers inspecting their vehicles, and mechanics working on those vehicles. There may be tools lying around and fluids from trucks on the ground. Hence, you must have an insurance policy in case somebody slips and falls. 

General Insurance will pay the medical bills of any visitor who is injured on your property. Your worker’s compensation insurance will pay for any of your employees who are injured at work.

Why Hire Simplex Group?

There is no other company like Simplex Group in the trucking industry. We handle compliance, insurance, tax issues, and even route planning. The agents we work with can write insurance policies that will cover you no matter what. 

At Simplex Group, we consider ourselves our client’s partners. We want to make sure your company grows and thrives for many years to come. Give us a call today.