Substance Abuse Testing Program

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Operating a truck is a big responsibility, and a driver must be alert at all times when they are on the road. That is why the United States Department of Transportation takes substance abuse testing seriously.

 It is always a good idea to test your employees for drugs before you hire them, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that you conduct random tests. They also mandate tests under specified circumstances.  

At Simplex Group, we are devoted to the success of your small trucking business. We will make sure you are compliant with FMCSA rules and that your drivers are aware and alert when they work for you. 

There are some circumstances in which you are legally obligated to test drivers for drugs. Familiarizing yourself with these laws will give you an idea of what steps you have to take to stay compliant.

Pre-Employment Testing

You should always make sure an applicant passes a drug test before you hire them. Taking this precaution can save you millions of dollars in the long run. 

Suppose a driver employed by your company causes an accident when they are inebriated. In that case, you might get sued, and such an accident can result in the death of both the driver and innocent bystanders.  We can assist you with arranging for drug tests for new drivers.

Random Testing

Any trucking company must perform random drug tests on their drivers a couple of times a year. The number of random drug tests that a company must administer will depend on the number of truck drivers they have. Simplex can determine the number of drug tests you will have to conduct per year.

You are not allowed to use the results of any other drug tests given to a driver throughout the year. You must arrange for your own test.

An employee of a trucking company is subject to random drug tests if they hold a commercial driver’s license, even if driving is not a part of their normal job description. These tests must be conducted on an employee operating a truck or performing a safety function such as maintenance or an inspection. 

Random drug test requirements have increased in the last few years. A company once only had to test 25% of their employees, but they are now required to test 50%. The stricter requirements increased the cost of these tests by an estimated $50 to $75 million annually. 

The reason for the increase is said to be the proliferation of oxycodone use as well as the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Drug Testing After a Fatal Accident

Although truck drivers provide the country with food, clothing, and medical supplies that they need, sometimes they have fatal accidents. When this happens, The FMCSA has to rule out the possibility that the driver was intoxicated at the time. 

In the case of a fatal accident, your drivers will be required to take a urine test. The trucking company will be responsible for the test, but we can assist you in hiring a lab to perform the test. 

If your driver causes injury to another person who has to be taken to the hospital, you may have to test your driver for drugs. If the driver gets a citation, you will have to test them, but if they do not get a citation, you will not have to test them.

Damage to Vehicles

Any truck accident can result in major damage to other vehicles. It can even cause multi-car pile-ups. If an accident has resulted in vehicles needing to be towed, a driver is required to get a urine test if they were issued a citation. A driver is not required to have a test if there is no citation issued.

Reasonable Suspicion

If one of your drivers appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you must give them a drug test. If you fail to give them a drug test, and they get involved in an accident, you can be sued for negligence. 

Simplex Group can guide you through the process of setting up urine drug tests for your employees. We want to make sure you feel secure about sending your drivers on the road. We are committed to your success, and we know that people will be more likely to hire you if you have a system in place for randomly testing drivers.

Return to Duty Testing

When a driver has their license suspended for a violation of DOT compliance, a substance abuse problem, or a drug-related accident, they must go through specific steps before getting their license back or being allowed to drive in a commercial capacity. One of those steps is to have a return to duty test. 

Simplex can help you arrange this test for your drivers because safety should be the number one priority of any trucking company. However, we know that small company’s employees are like family and you want them to return to work. A driver can get back to work safely with the right rehabilitation programs. We want to make sure they are tested, and their records are in order in case of an audit.

Follow up Testing

About 28% of all fatal crashes in the United States in 2021 involved drugs or alcohol. You want to make sure that your company is not responsible for one of those accidents. Simplex Group is committed to the success of your small trucking company, and we want to make sure that your drivers are safe, clean, sober, and ready to get on the road. Give us a call today.