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According to the ELD final rule established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ELDs are required in motor carriers used in the trucking business. An ELD can drastically improve many aspects of your trucking operation, including driver safety and fuel efficiency. With an ELD from Simplex Group, you can view the ELD record of your drivers in real-time, helping you to better manage your operation.

When you need a simple and streamlined ELD solution for your trucking operation, then you do not need to look any further than Simplex Group. We are well-versed and experienced in many aspects of the trucking business and are ready to help you get on the road. If you find yourself looking for a quality ELD solution, then make sure to contact the team at Simplex Group today.

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The importance of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in the trucking industry

ELD devices are a crucial part of the trucking industry. ELDs ensure regulatory compliance with hours of service regulations by being able to automatically record driving time and provide accurate hours. They can also help improve fleet management, monitor vehicle speed and driver behavior, and ultimately improve driver safety.

In the modern age, ELDs have replaced traditional paper logs for recording driver hours. ELDs make monitoring a driver’s duty status much easier for fleet managers and owners. Now, an owner can view driver logs anytime to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Simplex Group is committed to providing ELD solutions for trucking companies so that they can simplify compliance with hours of service (HOS) regulations. We are your compliance experts, ensuring that your trucking operation meets all ELD requirements. When you need an ELD solution for your operation, choose the professional team at Simplex Group.

Simplex Group’s expertise in providing ELD solutions to report duty status

Simplex Group differs from other ELD providers in our expertise in the trucking industry, as well as our reputation for solid customer service and support. Our ELDs provide real-time data on driving time and help to monitor off-duty time to ensure the safety of drivers. We are also familiar with federal government regulations regarding ELDs and can guarantee that with an ELD from Simplex Group, you will be compliant with all federal regulations.

Overview of Simplex Group’s ELD trucking services

Simplex Group specializes in electronic logging devices that monitor a commercial motor vehicle’s driving hours to simplify tracking, provide driver vehicle inspection reports, and ensure compliance with ELD regulations.

Benefits of using Simplex Group’s ELD tracking device solutions

Most commercial vehicles will benefit from having an ELD tracking device installed to record hours traveled. Not only does an ELD make the job of interstate drivers and owners easier by automatically recording engine hours and improving fleet efficiency, but it also ensures compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s HOS regulations. Having an ELD that automatically records driving activity is a net positive for both owners and operators in the trucking industry.

How Simplex Group’s ELD solutions ensure compliance with commercial motor vehicle regulations

Fleet management software from Simplex Group provides owners and operators with HOS data that can be monitored in real-time. This ensures that your operation is following HOS rules set by the FMCSA. If the trucks used in your operation have a gross vehicle weight rating that exceeds 10,000 pounds, it is crucial to be able to monitor your ELD data and remain compliant.

A telematics device is required per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to be installed in the vehicle engine of a commercial vehicle if that vehicle is transporting hazardous materials, has a gross combination weight rating of over 10,000 pounds, or is transporting nine or more passengers for compensation.


As of December 18th, 2017, when a driver uses an ELD, they must carry an information package in their truck. This packet can be in electronic form. A driver must carry both an instruction manual and an instruction sheet for the process of recording hours of service. They must also have enough blank driver’s records of duty status graph grids to record their status for eight days.  

The FMCSA allows you to put an ELD on a smartphone. However, it is always a good idea to have a separate device. You must keep your ELD data on file for six months and use a registered device such as those offered by Simplex Group. You have to protect your driver’s right to privacy in this situation, and our ELDs have the latest security.

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Why You Should Use Our ELD

With over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, Simplex Group has helped many small trucking companies get their start, stay compliant, and become successful. We understand the DOT regulations and know exactly what features truck drivers want and need in an ELD. When your drivers use one of our devices, they will be able to record everything they do, find answers to questions, and get where they are going safely and on time. Owner-operators love us, and we can provide you with plenty of references.

What Kinds of Things Does an ELD Record?

Electronic logging devices can keep track of everything that a trucker does during their day. The device synchronizes itself with a commercial vehicle’s engine. It records the driver’s on-the-road driving time and gives accurate readings with no chance of human error.

The device is plugged into the Onboard Diagnostic Port. It can determine how far the vehicle has been driven and show the amount of gas that has been used on any given trip. Not only can this remarkable device ensure that your drivers are not on the road longer than they should be, but It can also monitor many of your driver’s activities. No more worrying about where your drivers are and what they are doing. 

If you are using older vehicles that do not have an ODP, you will still be required to use an Electronic Logging Device to record driving hours of service. There are some ELD Models that do not require an Onboard Diagnostic Port.

Simplex Group offers the very best ELD systems available on the market. Our state-of-the-art electronic logging devices will ensure drivers are doing what they are supposed to at all times.

Hours of Service

A driver is only allowed to drive for 11 consecutive hours at a time. The ELD records will be able to tell you how long drivers are on the road and exactly where they are when they stop. Drivers will also be able to record all of their break time, including lunches. They will also be able to record their off-duty time and the time they spend in their sleeping berth on this device.

Record of Duty Status

The HOS rules are not only about drive time. The FMCSA requires that a driver makes a record of each of their activities, such as when they are doing an inspection, loading or unloading a truck, or gassing up the truck. Your drivers cannot work more than 14 hours in total, and this handy device will let them know exactly how long they have been on duty. Our ELDs allow drivers to record each of their activities. When an FMCSA auditor arrives at your facility to do your new entrant audit, you will be able to show them meticulously kept electronic records if you use this device.

Dispatch and Routing

Routing is one of the most important factors in running a successful trucking company. Simplex Group will find you a route that will save you and your client’s money. We know that there is much more to consider than the distance between two points when planning how to get your cargo from one place to another. We will consider all of the stops you have to make, the fuel and weight taxes you will pay, and the safety of the roads.

You should know that even the best route plans in the world will not work unless your driver follows them. When you use an ELD from Simplex Group, you will be able to see where your driver is and correct them if they go off course.

Accident Reporting

Trucking accidents are often very expensive. It is important to make a detailed report when an accident happens. A truck accident may result in millions of dollars worth of damages. Your insurance company will want to see proof of all the damages you claim, and EDL can help prove your driver did nothing wrong.

The positive impact of Simplex Group’s ELD solutions

Simplex Group is committed to helping you grow your trucking business and achieve success. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality ELD solutions and customer service so that you can focus on growing your operation. Simplex Group has a proven track record of success, complete with testimonials from our clients that discuss how they were given the opportunity to grow well beyond what they thought possible.

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ELD Trucking FAQs

Can a driver edit their hours on an ELD?

No, the data from the engine is recorded by the ELD, and a driver cannot change it. You will never have to worry about an auditor questioning the validity of your hours.

Do EDLs improve safety?

Yes. According to an FMCSA report, accidents were reduced by 11.7%, and rule violations were reduced by 53%.

Are there any exemptions to the ELD rule?

Yes, If you have trucks that were manufactured before 2000 or if your drivers are not required to maintain a Record of Duty status, you will be exempt. 

What will happen if my drivers exceed their 11 hours of on-the-road time?

The ELD will simply record all the hours that the trucks are in motion. When you have your new entrant audit, the auditor may question you about it.

Is an ELD Expensive?

Electronic logging devices will save commercial drivers money in the long run. We offer an ELD lite option for clients who need to save money.

What is an ELD on a truck?

An ELD or electronic logging device is an electronic device that is connected to a vehicle’s engine and monitors the duty status of the driver. Essentially, it monitors and records things like truck drivers’ hours of service to show accurate hours spent on the road and other things like vehicle speed and location data.

Can I drive my truck without an ELD?

ELD devices are required under the ELD rule in commercial vehicles. You must have an ELD device connected to your commercial vehicle’s engine to capture data and driver information.

How much does an ELD cost per month?

Simplex Group offers two different plans for electronic logging devices. We offer a Lite plan if you need a simpler solution and a Premium plan if you are looking for an all-encompassing experience.

Is an ELD mandatory?

Yes, an ELD is mandatory in all commercial motor vehicles manufactured after 2000. This is due to the ELD mandate passed under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in December 2017.

Contact Simplex Group for ELD Solutions for your Trucking Business

When you are looking for an ELD solution to help monitor driver hours, improve fleet management, and ensure HOS compliance, then you can turn to the team at Simplex Group. We are committed to providing commercial drivers with an ELD system that streamlines the recording of their HOS and makes their jobs that much easier. We offer professional installation of our automated systems so that you can get to work faster.

In order to keep your trucking business in compliance with regulations regarding ELDs, you need to turn to a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of trucking. The team at Simplex Group will help you spend less time worrying about rules and regulations and more time out on the road. Contact Simplex Group today and get a free consultation on all your trucking needs.