Freight Planning

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Running a trucking business may be challenging. In addition to keeping clients happy, hiring truck drivers, and staying compliant, you need to ensure that all your cargo arrives where it’s going on time and in one piece. More than that, you should ensure that you are not wasting any money and making the most of the space in your trailer.

If you are in charge of a business, freight transportation planning is vital to keeping your company running smoothly. While the transportation planning process can be complicated and detailed, it can maximize your company’s productivity and profitability.  

However, you must consider your truck’s size and how it will be loaded. You will also have to think about what you are hauling and the regulations that will apply to it. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, rest assured that you have come to the right place. Our professional freight planning service is at your disposal anytime, helping you maximize the profits from every haul you take.

Here at Simplex Group, we understand how important it is that goods are delivered on time and meet tight deadlines. This is why we want to assist new trucking companies and owner-operators with all freight planning and movement aspects. Our main goal is to help your trucking company reach the next level by ensuring hauls will arrive where they must be efficiently and quickly.

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How Freight Planning Can Benefit Your Business

The freight transportation system is key for a smooth flow of goods throughout the supply chain. With our freight planning services at Simplex Group, we aim to reduce lead times of delivery, optimize the cost of ownership of freight and ensure a seamless experience in freight procurement. Because we will handle and coordinate different elements of the freight planning process, including the mode of transportation, schedule, route, and packaging, we can help you avoid costly delays and disruptions.

In addition to ensuring that goods are delivered on time, freight planning is critical for companies that rely on just-in-time manufacturing or must meet tight deadlines. Ultimately, freight transportation planning will help you minimize shipping costs and impact your business’s overall profit.

Lane Planning

Lane planning is one of the most significant benefits of freight planning. That means one of our freight planners will find lanes that will get you where you need to be, in time while saving you money. Of course, it takes expertise and experience to plan an excellent trucking lane. Besides the distance, you will have to consider the number of fees and taxes you’ll need to pay for driving through every state. Our team of professional freight planners is familiar with the various fuel tax rates around the United States.

We believe that the most evident benefit of freight planning is that it will help your business’s overall efficiency. Your goods will be easier to store and locate, making your trucking business run smoothly. 

No More Deadhead Miles

Determining how to maximize the space in your trucks can take time and effort. If you fail to load your truck accordingly, you may be wasting valuable space and costing yourself money. That is why ensuring the shipments you add in a truck will go to the same regions is essential. Because we work with many trucking companies and transportation agencies in the private sector, we can arrange for you to share space in your trucks, so no one wastes space. Once you contact us, you will never have to worry about your trucking drivers traveling across the U.S. with an empty truck.

Roadside Assistance

Our experts provide round-the-clock roadside assistance. If one of your drivers ever breaks down, this can save you thousands of dollars. We understand that trucking companies have special needs that other drivers do not, so you can trust our freight team to put in a plan a strategy that will optimize your business profits and help your company grow.

Separately, nothing is worse than taking on a new customer only to see that they are not solvent. With too many clients that cannot pay their bills, you will soon not be able to afford to pay yours. At Simplex Group, we also provide credit checks, so you and your team have fewer things to worry about. We can advise which companies are suitable to work with and which you should avoid based on their credit.

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What Should You Know About a Freight Transportation System?

Freight planning is used to plan the transportation of outbound and inbound goods. Having access to efficient freight movement is crucial for every business. Competing in the global freight industry has raised the importance of reliable supply chains and the freight planning and transport systems they rely upon. Because we know that freight transportation plays a considerable role in your business decisions about site selection and expansion, we are here to help you with your freight movements. 

Freight planning is a significant component of the metropolitan and statewide transportation planning process. Yet, freight modes and data must be considered to integrate freight planning into the existing transportation planning processes. 

Making the perfect freight mobility plan may take time. You will need an experienced and skilled freight team that knows the U.S. roads in and out and can get you profitable loads according to your desired route. At Simplex Group, our team assists small privately-owned trucking companies and owner-operators with compliance and logistics so that they can grow and thrive in the national freight network. 

Having us on your side, you can focus on running your business while we will assign a dedicated and skilled dispatcher to manage your account. The dispatcher will ensure you get the best-paying loads from trustworthy shippers that fit your freight needs.

Why Choose Simplex Group as Your Freight Planning Service?

When you reach Simplex Group, you will find top-quality services tailored to your needs and a dedicated dispatcher and account manager for a more personalized approach. Our services also include the following:

  • Planning rates based on your desired regions and lanes
  • Negotiating on your behalf to ensure you obtain the highest-paying loads in the market
  • Checking customers’ credit to ensure you load with reputable freight partners
  • Minimizing your downtime so that you can maximize your profits 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance team ready to help in the event of an emergency, ensuring you reach your final destination safe and secure

Freight transportation planning comes in all types of shapes and levels of complexity, varying from simple route planning to international planning. We understand that freight planning consists of identifying routes and creating optimal journeys. As such, we are at the forefront of endeavors to secure an efficient, accessible, and safe transport network so that you can run your business with peace of mind. 

Unfortunately, many problems may arise, making your trip cost more and last longer. For that, you need the guidance of our experienced and compassionate dispatchers, who can help you with the transportation planning process and ensure you are getting your money’s worth for every haul. 

Sign up for our freight planning service today. Our team also handles trucking compliance, insurance, and DOT safety management. Call us today at 1-866-931-7990 to start an efficient movement plan. We are looking forward to discussing your industry needs and freight issues.