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  • We check customers credit to make sure you load with reputable freight partners 
  • We minimize your downtime, so you can maximize your profits 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance team ready to help in the event of an emergency need

Freight Planning

Freight planning is a complicated and detailed task, but finding the best loads out there and just simply be able to plan ahead can be tricky but it can also maximize your business’ profitability and productivity.

Our main goal here at Simplex Group is to assist new trucking companies and owner operators with every aspect of freight planning and freight movement. The main objective is to take your trucking company to the next level by ensuring hauls will get where they need to quickly and efficiently, but most importantly find you profitable loads. Our top-quality service is tailored to your needs and your dedicated dispatcher will make sure to keep you loaded.

Simplex offers you:

  • A dedicated and experienced load planner (dispatcher) is assigned to your account 
  • We plan rates based on your desired lanes and regions 
  • We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the highest paying loads in the market 
  • We check customers credit to make sure you load with reputable freight partners 
  • We minimize your downtime, so you can maximize your profits 24/7 roadside assistance team ready to help in the event of an emergency 

Our experienced freight team has the solution to all those deadhead miles you’ve been driving, you pick where you want to go & we’ll make it happen!

Things to Consider When You are Planning a Haul

There are several things you need to consider when freight planning and freight movement.  

  • How the truck is loaded
  • The size of the truck 
  • The products being hauled
  • The route that you will take
  • The taxes you will pay

It sounds easy enough, but in reality many problems can arise and make a trip take longer and cost more. You need the guidance of our experienced dispatchers to maximize your transportation planning process and to help you make sure you are getting your money’s worth for every haul!

How We Can Help You

Making the ideal freight movement plan takes time. You need an experienced freight team that knows the roads in and out and can get you profitable loads according to your desired route. If you are running a small trucking company, you are unlikely to have the time to perform a freight analysis. Luckily for you, our freight experts are here to help you with your freight planning whether you plan to haul cargo interstate or intrastate. You will not need to worry about dealing with brokers and negotiating loads, that’s why we’re here. 

Our process is simple, Simplex Group specializes in assisting small privately-owned trucking companies and owner operators with logistics and compliance, so they can thrive in the national freight network. You can focus on running your company, and we will assign a trained and dedicated dispatcher to manage your account. Your dispatcher will make sure to get you the best paying loads from reputable shippers that fit your needs.

Load Planning

Having a good load plan is essential to running an efficient trucking company. Using the full capacity of each truck is also essential to maximizing your company’s profit. This does not mean that you should stuff your truck with as many shipments as possible. There is a strategy for loading, you can trust our freight team to put in plan a strategy that will optimize your business profits! 

Maximizing Vehicle Capacity 

The first step of a load plan is to consolidate cargo, lower your energy use, and increase your profitability. This will entail combining loads. 

Years of experience have taught us that we need to consider the type of cargo, the size of each box, and the destination of each shipment. 

There are certain things only a professional freight planner knows how to manage when consolidating cargo. A dispatcher considers the vehicle’s center of gravity to make sure the load is balanced properly. This will help them know if pallets will save or waste space based on the truck’s dimensions.

When planning a load,  the vehicle’s capacity and design are important. For example, If a truck has refrigeration capacity, it is best to consolidate as many perishable products on that truck as possible. 

Independent trucking companies have small fleets of trucks. Small trucking companies will often share trucks when consolidating cargo. When you are new in business, you may not have relationships with other small trucking companies.

Simplex Group has relationships with over 400 highly rated brokers. We will make sure to always keep you loaded and moving so you can keep growing your business. 

Take Your Destination Into Consideration 

When setting up a truck for a trip, consider which shipments will be delivered first and which will be delivered last. It is important to load the last shipment first, the second shipment after that, and so on. Loading a truck in the wrong order can cause hours of extra work and inevitably deadhead miles, which end up affecting your revenue!

Insurance Coverage

In the trucking industry, it is essential to have the correct insurance for the cargo you are going to haul. No matter what your business journey entails, our team of experienced insurance professionals is always here to help you navigate the waters and find the right coverage for your loads. That way, you can focus on achieving your business’ goals without having to worry about potential bumps in the road.

Trucking Insurance Programs

We understand your needs and concerns when it comes to trucking insurance. We have the program that fits the requirements, so you can always drive with confidence. You’re our top priority and we’ll work hard to ensure you’re satisfied with your experience. Partner with us and we will make sure to help you improve your business operation!

Trucking Auto Liability
  • Local, Intermediate and Long Haul
  • Mixed Radius
  • Auto Haulers
  • Intermodal
  • UIAA & Trailer Interchange Available
  • Coverage for 1 vehicle or any size fleet
  • New Ventures
  • Straight Trucks
Trucking Cargo Coverage
  • Reefer
  • General Freight
  • Dry Goods
  • Flatbed
  • Intermodal
  • Auto Haulers
Non-Trucking Liability
General Liability
Physical Damage
  • Damage Coverage for individual and fleet owned equipment

Hours of Service

When a truck is loaded with a certain number of shipments, the truck driver will have to transport those shipments to their final destination and make sure they’re delivered on time without exceeding your HOS mandate! A driver is only allowed to operate a vehicle for 11 consecutive hours a day and must have 10 hours off before beginning a new shift. Our freight planning experts will determine the number of shipments you will be able to haul on each run while also helping your business stay compliant with all FMCSA regulations!

Trucking Taxes and Permits

No one likes paying taxes, and trucking companies are no exception. States rely on truck traffic for tax revenue, but there are 4 states, in particular, that have extra taxes on truck drivers.

The states of New York, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Oregon impose extra taxes on drivers that are based on the weight of the vehicle and the number of miles traveled through each state.

Oregon has some of the highest taxes for truckers because local governments take the environmental impacts of trucking quite seriously. 

Our tax experts will analyze the difference in cost between the taxes you will pay in a state and the fuel costs you would have to pay if you were to take a longer route. We will also make sure that your fleets have the trucking permits needed to travel through certain states. If you don’t have these permits, you might not be able to haul certain cargo through specific states and lose the possibility of making more profits!

What kind of vehicles will you use?

There is much more awareness of the environment today than ever before. One way to help the planet is to drive more environmentally-sound trucks. Companies that use small trucks might consider fuel-efficient or hybrid trucks. Some states give tax breaks to companies that operate environmentally-friendly vehicles.

There are some drawbacks to these trucks. Hybrid vehicles have to be charged often and are not good for long hauls. A truck’s weight will affect the amount of fuel that is used and the amount of taxes you will pay in some states. 

Pick a Lane

Understanding freight lanes is an important part of a freight transportation system’s success. A lane is a freight transportation system that a trucker covers on a regular schedule. In nautical terms, they are referred to as shipping lanes. The lanes can go through many cities and various transportation hubs, they can go in any direction, and they can be long or short. 

Freight lanes were created to facilitate cargo hauling, and Simplex Group will find a freight lane for you that is economical and practical.

National Freight Lanes

National freight lanes are the simplest routes and can go from point A to point B. In some cases, they might go in a rough circle through various states.

Regional Freight Lanes

These are routes that go through individual regions of the U.S. and will often run through only one state. Simplex will find regional trucking lanes connecting to hubs that go through national routes for you. 

Expedited Freight Lanes

There are expedited freight lanes designed for overnight cargo delivery. Express routes usually go from one point to another with few or no stops along the way, and drivers will be well compensated for these types of deliveries. Drivers may have to travel on city streets to get to their final destination. However, this type of route can be stressful and costly. The idea is for you to see your options and plan accordingly with your personalized dispatcher based on your company’s needs. 

Full and Partial Load Freight Lanes

In a nutshell, full-load freight lanes are for trucks that are completely full of cargo. Agricultural product transportation will most often involve a full load. Partial loads refer to trucks that are almost full. 

We will choose the best lane for you based on the size of your shipment, how much loading and unloading you have to do, and how well you can depend upon the consistency of a certain client.

Long Haul Lanes

Long haul lanes connect various cities and hubs. These are the lanes that drivers who go from coast to coast will take. A driver who operates in the long haul lane will often be on the road for weeks, if not months at a time.

As a carrier, you would usually make more money if you decide to take longer hauls because you’ll generally have one load for a longer time. However, there are much higher expenses for fuel and hours of service for long hauls. Overall, long hauls are considered a lucrative form of goods movement, it all goes back to what your needs are. 

Planning Issues

The rules of certain transportation agencies must be taken into consideration when creating routes. Metropolitan planning organizations might occasionally have to approve of a certain route. State and federal laws can also affect a route. There are some municipalities with a freight advisory committee. We are well versed in state transportation laws and programs and can provide the freight-related information you need. We work within the framework of: 

  • The California Freight Mobility Plan
  • The National Freight Strategic Plan
  • The National Highway Freight Program

Freight Availability

Areas with a lot of cargo and not enough trucks are obvious places for carriers to add a freight lane. When we handle freight planning for you, we will consider the following freight issues:

  • Tolls – Every trucking company wants to increase its per-mile revenue, and paying tolls throughout a journey will reduce the amount of money you make.
  • Traffic and population density – If you drive through primarily rural areas with wide highways, you are less likely to run into traffic problems than you would if you transport your cargo through main streets in highly populous cities.
  • Geography and terrain – You want to avoid a lot of mountain driving because accidents are a problem on those roads, and the slow speed limits can hurt your freight mobility in general.
  • Deadhead miles – Nothing hurts a trucking company more than deadhead miles. An empty truck wastes fuel and costs trucking companies a fortune. When you work with Simplex Group, you will not have to worry about having an empty truck. We have skilled freight planning strategists who will ensure that your rigs will never be empty.

Using freight lanes is always the best way to get your product where it is going. It is convenient and reliable and leaves very little room for mistakes. 

We will use our years of expertise to create the perfect freight lane for you. The route we map for you will be reliable and profitable. The more often you use your lane, the more confidence your broker and their customers will have in you.

Nothing is more frustrating for a business than making a lot of money one month and nothing the next month. When you use Simplex freight planning team, you will have a more consistent income upon which to rely. Other companies will want to consolidate cargo with you if they know you have a regular route of your own.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, Simplex Group can help to establish a lane that is strictly yours.

We Negotiate for You, No More DEADHEAD MILES!

In addition to freight transportation planning, Simplex can make sure that you are properly compensated for your work. Freight planning is all about saving money, and business is all about making money.

We have been in the trucking industry for many years and have existing relationships with the most reputable brokers throughout the nation. When brokers hear that we are working with a client, they know that they will get top-quality drivers, reliable vehicles, and well-designed freight lanes.

We aid small trucking companies and owner operators in setting up their businesses. Our relationships with brokers all over the country will ensure that you will always have someone to consolidate cargo with.

We keep up to date on the current rates in the industry on a daily basis. We know the value of the particular lane that you use, and we will get you a rate based on that lane.
Although a trucking company may be new, its drivers will normally be very experienced, and the fleet of trucks will often be new or recently refurbished. This is of enormous value to shippers because there is less chance that the vehicles will break down. We will make sure the rates you get will help sustain your business in its early years.

Our Factoring Service

At Simplex Group, we provide freight factoring services for your business. Factoring is a convenient way to make sure that you have the needed funds to keep working and earning. We will take care of your unpaid invoices and protect your profit, so your business can keep growing according to your strategy and you never miss any payments!

Simplex has partnered with OTR Capital, the best factoring company in the nation, to provide you an affordable factoring program. This program includes flat rates, broker’s credit checks, invoicing assistance at no additional cost, collection support, and a personal account manager to help you through it all! 

We will provide you the financial support that you need and will also share our knowledge to make your business grow. With this program, you can make business decisions stress-free knowing that our experts are there to take care of all your paperwork.

Our Fuel Card

Take control of fuel expenses with Simplex Group’s fuel card that will save you money at the pump! Our fuel card can save up to 20 cents per gallon when using it. Fuel your vehicle at over 500 locations nationwide and receive maintenance and tire discounts. These savings and rewards will help your business thrive.

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