Georgia Truck Permits

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The trucking industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. If you own a trucking company in the Peach State, or if you simply travel through the state, you probably know that there are several trip permits you will need to travel on the highways and byways of the United States. 

Simplex Group will help you get every permit you need for the hauls that you take. We can assist you with trucking compliance, insurance, and even filing your taxes. We can help you get truck factoring and help you plan your lanes. There is no company like us in the country.

There are two basic truck permits that every trucking company must have if they want to take interstate hauls: the International Fuel Tax Agreement and the International Registration Plan.

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International Fuel Tax Agreement

When a trucker travels through a state, they will have to buy gas somewhere along the way. They must report the amount of fuel that they have used in each state and pay taxes on it. The IFTA makes it easier for trucking companies to report these purchases. 

Before the IFTA came along, trucking companies used to have to obtain a fuel permit from every stay through which they traveled. They would then have to make payments to each individual state. This was very time-consuming and expensive.

The IFTA created one office in each jurisdiction that would issue a fuel tax permit to the drivers in its state. Truckers report their motor fuel use to their IFTA office quarterly. They will also pay taxes to that IFTA office if money is owed or receive a refund through the office if they are entitled to one. When you register with your local IFTA office, they will issue you a permit. You also get stickers to put on your truck.

International Registration Plan

The IRP is an agreement between the lower 48 states and several provinces in Canada. When a commercial truck travels through a state, it must pay fees to that state. 

The IRP has one office in each state. The office issues an IRP trip permit in the form of a license plate to the trucking companies in its state, and the companies make their fee payments to that one office. The IRP office then distributes the fees to the states to which they are owed.

Georgia Trip Permit

Georgia is an IRP membership state, and truckers who regularly take interstate hauls will have an IFTA permit. However, some trucking companies only take interstate hauls once in a while. If this is your situation, it may not be worth it to get an IFTA permit. Instead, you can get a single-trip permit.

A single-trip permit costs $30 and lasts for 72 hours. If you are caught driving without a trip permit, you will be subject to heavy fees, so you will have to get the permit before entry.

Overweight Fees

Truckers that take very heavy hauls may need overweight permits. The weight limit and the cost of the permit will vary from state to state. In the state of Georgia, an overweight load is considered to be any vehicle with a gross weight of over 80,000 pounds.

How Simplex Can Help Your Interstate and Intrastate Operation

The trucking professionals at Simplex Group are very familiar with permit laws in every state. We can help you purchase fuel trip permits and get temporary permits. We stay informed on all laws regarding Georgia motor fuel use taxes, so you are always compliant. If you travel through two or more jurisdictions, we will get you the very best registration fees possible. We serve interstate and intrastate operations equally. Give us a call today.