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ELD systems have been around for a few years now. They have been a part of every driver’s journey, and have come with benefits as well as certain challenges. In general, they’ve helped streamline some of the on-the-road processes for drivers and carriers.  

Some of the advantages the ELD mandate has brought include minimizing the paperwork hassle that came with recording Hours of Service manually, assistance with compliance by logging miles automatically, helping track HOS, increase fuel efficiency, GPS services, vehicle diagnostics, and accessibility to a variety of reports from your phone or tablet while you’re on the road. 

However, a common problem with current ELD systems involves the Bluetooth connection, the transition from 3G coverage, the hassle of purchasing new devices, and covering shipping costs.  

We would like to discuss our newly launched Simplex ELD system in this blog.  

Our team of experts has worked extensively to ensure our Simplex ELD is innovative and takes our service a step further to bring our clients a useful resource they can count on, wherever they are. Simplex ELD includes a SIM card equipped with 5G coverage to ensure an accurate record of miles and HOS regardless of Bluetooth connection. 

Simplex ELD offers multiple methods of meeting and exceeding the minimum regulation standards, whether you want to maximize the hours of service or simply stay legal. Simplex ELD goes above and beyond to provide intuitive and customized solutions for your fleet. Our main goal is to make sure you stay compliant with all ELD mandates. 

Our portal includes a variety of reports to keep you in compliance with the HOS regulation and at the same time makes it easy to complete drivers’ record of duty status (RODS). Our ELD Portal has 24/7 visibility, a Service Agreement with open terms, a Portal demo and training in English and Spanish, and many more features that you will appreciate!  

We want to empower your dreams and make sure you’re focusing on running your business while we take care of everything else, like dealing with reports, logs, and paperwork. Simplex ELD goes above and beyond to simplify the driver’s experience while assisting with HOS and ELD mandate compliance. 

Our Simplex ELD App and Portal are compatible with more than 40 devices, and we provide free shipping when you purchase our brand-new Simplex ELD device!  

At Simplex, we value your needs and we’re constantly looking to improve the solutions we offer to serve you better.