Mobile Worker Reports

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Keeping a good record of your Mobile Worker Reports can definitely help your business operations. 
Carriers have been known to enter false information on these reports and can truly hurt a driver’s career and future job opportunities. 

A mobile worker report is a comprehensive document that entails a great amount of information about driver’s driving records. These reports will display all electronic job order tickets which are created using the Web Dashboard and Mobile Worker app. The Work Order page is an easy way to manage job order tickets online.

How does Simplex help me with my Mobile Worker Reports? 

This feature will allow you to create To Do’s for each driver by creating first a Jobsite which are the tasks the driver will need to complete; these tasks are assigned to the driver as a Work Order.  The driver will receive a notification and will have the ability to view the Work Order through the mobile application and sign once the task is completed.

If you are looking to track the loads your drivers has completed or that is pending to complete, Simplex ELD will help you keep track of all that your driver does by generating a Summary of the Work Orders. 


– Create new work orders and job sites

 – View work order status


 – Work order completion report to selected email address

 Android Phone/Tablet app or iOS iPhone/iPad app

 – Part of Hours of Service Menu 

– Ability to view pending workers and job sites

 – Ability to set the clock running on a work order, stop when done, write/speak a report, take pictures, capture signatures, email upline