Truck Permits in North Carolina

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If you own a trucking company in North Carolina, you should know that there are several permits required to operate legally. Our experts at Simplex Group can and will ensure you have the permits you need to run your business.

We have over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. We can ensure that your company will always be fully compliant with the regulations set forth by the FMCSA when you partner with us.

Before filling out our contact form, we should familiarize ourselves with the basic types of permits we will need.

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International Fuel Tax Agreement

When interstate truckers travel from across the country, they will have to buy gas in each state that they travel through, and they must pay taxes on the fuel that they buy. Before the establishment of the IFTA in 1983, trucking companies and owner-operators had to get a tax permit from each state they traveled through. This was very inconvenient for both the states and the trucking companies.

How Did IFTA Change Things?

The IFTA established offices in each state. Each office is responsible for collecting fuel taxes from trucking companies and distributing those taxes to the appropriate states. The office will issue an IFTA permit and tags to a company. 

We will file a fuel purchase report with them quarterly and pay your taxes to them. If we have a refund coming, your local IFTA office will be the one to issue it.

If we take regular interstate hauls, we want to join the IFTA. If you only cross state lines occasionally, states will allow you to buy a single-trip fuel permit. The cost varies from state to state. In some cases, we will have to obtain this permit before your driver’s trip.

Which Vehicles Require Fuel Permits?

If your vehicle has a gross weight of over 26.000 and a power unit of two axles or if you have vehicles with a power unit that has three or more axles, no matter what the weight, we will need a fuel tax permit. If the vehicle is used in combination and that weight exceeds 26.000 pounds, we will need a permit.

Unified Carriers Registration

Interstate trucking companies will need a UCR permit. We will have to pay an annual fee based on how many trucks are in your fleet. You will register with the UCR office once a year from October 1st to December 31st.

Some states do not have UCR offices. However, you still must register for the UCR. You can register with a neighboring state.

The following types of companies need a UCR permit:

  • Motor Carriers who transport their property or the property of others. It does not matter if the truck falls under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Authority.
  • Motor Carriers who transport passengers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Brokers and Leasing companies or brokers that lease vehicles to interstate motor carriers.
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Oversize Load Truck Permits North Carolina

Operating oversized loads is quite profitable, but bear in mind that these vehicles are dangerous and should be operated carefully. We should also familiarize ourselves with the laws in North Carolina.

An overweight permit is required if the weight of your truck is over the legal weight for the number of axles it has:

  • Steer axle 20,000 pounds
  • Legal single axle 25,000 pounds 
  • Tandem axles 50,000 pounds 
  • Tridem axles 60,000 pounds 
  • 4 or more axle grouping 68,000 pounds
  • The total overall width of the rig is over 8 feet 6 inches at its widest point
  • The total height is greater than 13 feet 6 inches

The overall designated legal length is 40 feet for a single vehicle and 60 feet for a combination.

There are also escort restrictions on certain vehicles. You may only be allowed to drive oversized trucks on designated highways. The state may set limits on the hours that can be driven by these vehicles. There may be holiday restrictions as well.

State Permits

Certain states insist truck drivers have additional permits based on the weight of their vehicles and the distance they travel.

If we do not obtain these permits, we can be subject to heavy fees. If there are interstate routes, Our team at Simplex Group can help obtain these important documents from the permit office in each state.

New York Highway Use Tax

If your drivers operate vehicles that are 18,000 pounds loaded or 8000 pounds unloaded, The Empire State requires us to obtain a HUT permit. When you do this, we will be issued a sticker and a license.

The size and weight of the vehicle will determine the amount of money you pay in taxes.


Oregon is the most expensive state to drive through. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to drive around the state rather than through it just to avoid these fees. However, there are going to be times when we must deliver products to the beaver state. When you do, we will have to get a trip permit even if we are a member of the IFTA.

We should always obtain an Oregon trip permit before leaving on this trip.

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New Mexico

It would be hard to deliver anything to the Southwest without occasionally driving through New Mexico. The state mandates that trucks with a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or over register for a permit and pay taxes quarterly. We can get a temporary trip permit if you do not travel through New Mexico very often.

Kentucky License

If you operate a vehicle that weighs over 59,999 pounds, we will need a permit to travel through Kentucky. We will have to pay approximately $0.0285 for every mile we ride through the Bluegrass State.

Quarterly tax payments are a requirement. If taxes are not paid for, your license will be suspended.

Why Hire Us?

When collaborating in business with our team at Simplex Group, you can rest assured that we fully understand the trucking laws and regulations in the United States, and we are committed to keeping all of our clients compliant with the law.

We provide everything from compliance assistance to insurance to permitting and route planning. We will consider permit fees when we plan your route and consider federally designated highways for you to travel on.

We want your trucking company to pass its new entrant audit and to continue to succeed for many years. Give us a call today.