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Trucking Permit Sales Agent

Position Summary

As a Sales Agent at Simplex, you'll spearhead business growth in the trucking industry by cultivating and managing relationships with our US-based truck drivers and carriers. Through effective communication via calls and emails, you'll identify their needs and present tailored solutions to optimize their operations.



Client Relations & Sales Objectives:

  • relationships with existing clients to understand their evolving needs and provide ongoing support.
  • clients' business requirements and provide tailored solutions.
  • a consultative approach to understanding client pain points and positioning our services as solutions.
  • client inquiries and concerns promptly to ensure compliance with state and federal laws relating to commercial vehicle tags and titles.
  • follow-up appointments as necessary.

Sales Targets

  • monthly and quarterly sales targets through proactive engagement and collaboration with the sales team.
  • various communication channels such as phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp, and email to cater to clients' preferences and ensure effective communication.
  • customers by thoroughly explaining other product solutions offered by Simplex.

Product Knowledge

  • in-depth knowledge of our services, including trucking permits like IFTA and IRP filings, fuel tax management, and other compliance solutions.
  • as a trusted advisor by offering expert guidance on regulatory compliance and industry best practices.
  • communicate the value proposition of our services to clients.

Documentation and reporting:

  • the preparation, review, and timely submission of correct client documentation, including titles, permits, licenses, etc.
  • consistent updates to management on sales activities, challenges, client feedback, and market insights to facilitate informed decision-making processes.


  • in both English and Spanish, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • and results-oriented, with a history of meeting or exceeding sales targets.
  • ability to establish and maintain positive customer relationships, with empathy and dedication to exceptional service.
  • to work independently and collaboratively within a team, with a self-motivated, results-oriented approach.
  • strong organizational skills with key attention to detail, and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • with CRM software is a plus.


Characteristics of a Simplex Employee

• Optimistic Attitude

• Problem Solver

• Passionate

• Team Player

• Eager to Learn

• Adaptable


Simplex Group is an organization dedicated to providing quality commercial transportation services to trucking companies and owner-operators alike. We are experts in administering comprehensive services including DOT/FMCSA Safety Compliance Management, truck permits, and taxes, offering the best trucking insurance packages in the market, and securing top-paying loads while servicing your freight factoring services. At Simplex Group our vision is: “Empowering the Dreams of Those Delivering to America”