OTR Solutions

Company Description

OTR Solutions is a full-service freight factoring and transportation technology company, headquartered in Roswell, Georgia. OTR provides industry-leading technology and financial services, tools, and support to help carriers and brokers start and grow a successful operation. Founded in 2011, trucking companies and freight brokerages of all sizes turn to OTR to receive reliable financing and back-office solutions, a dedicated fuel team, up-to-date news and education, and innovative technology to prepare them for anything and everything. To learn more about OTR Solutions and portfolio of fintech solutions, please visit https://otrsolutions.com/.

About OTR & Our Services

Unlock Your True Cash Flow with Factoring

Factoring involves the selling of invoices to a third-party company at a small discount to improve cash flow. The factoring company will handle the collections process so that you can focus on your business while having the cash on hand to handle important and unexpected expenses.

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OTR Solutions is the most trusted factoring company in the industry because they put their customers first – creating a long-lasting relationship. With a dedicated team to manage your back-office needs, OTR helps you focus on what’s most important – staying on the road.

When you factor with OTR you can expect:

Easy Invoicing


24/7 Access


Same-Day Funding


Customizable services


Back-office support


No hidden fees

Easy and Instant Funding

When you sell your invoice to a freight factoring company, there’s no need to wait 30, 45, or even 90 days to get paid. With OTR Solutions BOLT Instant Funding, you can get paid in minutes. Use the OTR Solutions Mobile App to submit invoices whenever, wherever.

No Hidden Fees

OTR Solutions purchases your invoice at a small, flat discount and pays you within 24 hours of submission. There are no hoops to jump through – what you see is what you get.

Get Elite Back Office Support

With 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google and 4.9 out of 5 stars in the App Store, the OTR operations team was clearly designed with your business in mind. OTR Solutions allows you to focus on the road while handling your back-office billing.

True Non-Recourse Factoring

While offering the only True Non-Recourse factoring program in the industry, OTR Solutions ensures you get paid quickly with a flat rate and no hidden fees or no monthly volume minimums. With True Non-Recourse Factoring the liability and risk is put on OTR instead of you – meaning that if somehow payment can’t be received, you are protected and keep the payment. Factor when you want. Get paid when you need it.

Unhappy With Your Current Factor?

The OTR Solutions team will review your current contract for free – no strings attached. They will read the fine print and walk you through your list of options to maintain your business while helping you get paid when you need it most.

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