SimplexHub and Simplex2GO

SimplexHub (Customer and Driver Portal)

This driver-friendly platform makes it easy to stay compliant at all times.

Our experts have created SimplexHub, a customer and driver portal with the answers to your compliance needs. Access your to-do list, where you’ll find upcoming expirations, missing documents, and everything you and your drivers need to be successful and compliant on the road, anytime, anywhere.

Stay on top of your business needs by submitting service requests for tax filings, truck and trailer tags, state and federal permits, and for safety compliance services, including adding or removing drivers from your fleet. It’s an easy-to-use portal that centralizes all the information you need to succeed in one place.

Simplex2Go (Customer and Driver Mobile App)

Find every trucking solution you need in the palm of your hand with Simplex2Go. Our mobile app is designed for you, your drivers and your back-office personnel to resolve pending items on-the-go. Have 24/7 access to your most current ISS Score, BASIC Categories scores, and the last 24 months of Inspections, Violations, and Crashes with specific driver and unit details.

Staying compliant has never been easier with our easy to use mobile application. Resolve to-do’s by taking a picture from your phone and uploading the image. Access necessary documents in our driver, fleet and company document sections. Get a general overview of your company’s operations with our dynamic dashboard. Receive notifications when permits are expiring, fuel taxes are due, and when important notices about Simplex and the industry are available.

Our Integrated Portal and Mobile App Benefits

Mobile App and Portal Access 24/7

Dashboard Icon
Dynamic Dashboard

Easy overview of your operations, with the last 24 months of BASIC scores, inspections, violations and accident data with driver and equipment information.

Notification Icon
Notifications and Alerts

Get notifications for upcoming permit expirations, tax filings, driver to-do’s and more.

Phone Icon
Self-Service and Requests

24/7 access to service requests. Engage drivers in the request by sending their to-do’s directly through the portal and app.

Reference Icon
Universal Reference

Auto populating fields with information provided to Simplex. Expedite the driver onboarding process by auto-filling most of the driver application before sending it to them for completion.

Documents Icon
Document Storage and Visibility

Centralized, secured, and easy to access documents for the company, drivers, and fleet. Ability to upload, view, and download documents 24/7.

Devices Icon
Real-Time Data Updates

Your company, fleet, and driver’s data will always be up-to-date. Any changes made in our system will reflect in SimplexHub + Simplex2Go immediately and vice versa.

Reports Icon

Access the reports you want 24/7. No need to call and wait for someone else!

Stay Compliant at All Times