State Mileage Reports

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  • Fuel & Mileage
  • Mileage by State
  • State Mileage Audit
  • Fuel Summary
  • Driver and Vehicle Segment

What are state mileage reports?

The mileage reports provide information on centerline miles, lane miles and daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMTs). These reports include a statewide summary by county and district and detailed data on each of the 3 areas by highway system and functional classification. 

Simplex ELD is the best way to record miles per state and it is the most accurate device for recording your miles per state available in the market today. You can either use odometer readings or mileage from this device to get your miles per state.

Today for IFTA you can keep track of miles on paper. However, to make things easier and get accurate mileage and fuel information, fuel cards for fuel data and ELDs for mileage data are the way to avoid having to do anything on paper. It simplifies IFTA compliance work.

For mileage, you have various options to keep records of it electronically. The most popular have been commercial GPS systems for motor carriers. Tracking systems or AOBRDs that monitor your trucks in real-time are also very useful for IFTA compliance. ELDs are the most recent devices, due to legislation.

Electronic systems in the motor carrier industry will facilitate the movement of data to manage your businesses effectively.