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Texas has more truckers than any state in the country. If you open a trucking company in the Lone Star State, you will face a lot of competition. One of the best things you can do to stay competitive is to stay compliant with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration rules.

Simplex Group is a company like no other in the trucking industry. Not only will we ensure that your company is fully compliant with FMCSA standards, but we can also help you register as a business entity with the state of Texas, obtain truck factoring when necessary, and find the perfect insurance package.

Small trucking companies have been trusting us with their business for 20 years. We have a stellar reputation, and we want to make sure that your trucking company is successful. 

The FMCSA is the agency within the Department of Transportation that sets rules for the trucking industry. A new trucking company will have an FMCSA New Entrant Audit within the first 12 months of operations. You must take several steps to obtain a DOT number and stay compliant and safe.

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Getting a DOT Number

The Department of Transportation issues numbers to all trucking companies that operate vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds and cross state lines. Most states, including Texas, require all trucking companies to have DOT numbers for vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds, even if they just take intrastate hauls.

All we need to get you a DOT number is the name and address of your business, the number of trucks you have in your fleet, and identifying information on those trucks. You will also need to provide the title for your truck or their financing information. You will also need your Commercial Driver’s LIcence information.

A DOT number is one of the few things you will apply for that does not have an application fee. Once we submit your application, you should have a number in seconds.

Get Insurance

One of the most important things a trucking company can buy is insurance. The FMCSA requires that commercial trucking companies with DOT numbers have liability insurance of at least $750,000 to $5,000,000, depending on the cargo. You will need at least $300,000 of insurance for non-hazardous freight driven in vehicles weighing less than 10,001 lbs. 

In reality, you should get much more insurance than the government requires. A trucking accident can cause millions of dollars of damage. One accident can put a small company out of business if they are not properly insured. When we have our initial consultation, we can put together a comprehensive insurance package for you. We will make sure that you have enough liability coverage to keep your business thriving no matter what happens.

The FMCSA also requires that you have a certain amount of cargo insurance if you are transporting household goods. You must have coverage of $5,000 for each vehicle and $10,000 for each occurrence. 

Even If you are not transporting household goods, you should still get cargo insurance. Your clients expect their products to be safe when they make their journey; if you have an accident and the cargo is damaged, you will want to make sure you can pay for it. There is a lot of on-the-road theft too, and although your truck may be secure, piracy is not unheard of in the modern-day world.

You will need general liability insurance for your property, just like any other business. This will cover you if someone slips and falls while visiting you. You will also need to obtain physical damage insurance in case your driver causes an accident because it covers repairs to your truck. You will also need bobtail insurance in case your drivers ever have to take their trucks home with them.

We know trucking insurance and we also understand the limits of your budget. When we assist you with your insurance needs, we will take anything that can happen into consideration and find a price you can live with.

Hiring Drivers

The quality of the drivers you hire will affect your business operations for years to come. It is very important to do an appropriate background check on your drivers before hiring them.

The FMCSA requires that you call every former employer that a driver has listed on their resume. You must verify their dates of employment and whether or not they were under any sort of corrective action.

You must also run their driving records in any state in which they have been licensed in the last ten years. You must make sure that their license is in good standing and that they have not had any suspensions. You will also need to perform drug tests.

You must keep a record of the entire hiring process for three years after a driver leaves your company. You must keep records of suspensions or corrective actions against drivers as well. We will make sure information is stored using the very best technology and that all your records are up-to-date at all times.

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Hours of Service

The FMCSA takes a trucker’s on-the-road hours very seriously. A driver may never operate a vehicle for longer than 11 consecutive hours and needs at least 7 hours of berth time in a day. They must be off for 10 consecutive hours as well. An overworked driver is a dangerous driver. Following these rules will save lives and keep you from being shut down by the FMCSA. 

Simplex Group will keep electronic records of your driver’s hours using a state-of-the-art electric recording device. Accuracy of records is essential to your success and it is our number one priority.

Inspection Records

A truck driver must perform a full inspection before leaving on a trip and reinspect the vehicle at the end of the day. If the truck fails any part of the inspection, the problem must be fixed before the driver hits the road.

Any repairs that are done must be fully documented and stored in your electronic records. Simplex Group will ensure that your inspection records are updated daily.

At Simplex Group, we love small trucking companies and we want to see them thrive. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you.

Paying Taxes

If a trucking company does not pay its taxes in time, it can face major fines. If you do not pay fuel taxes on time, the FMCSA may even shut you down. Our tax preparers have years of experience in the trucking industry. They will make sure your taxes are paid on time and that you get every deduction to which you are entitled.

Freight Planning

Improperly planned loads are one of the leading reasons trucking companies fail. If you plan your loads well you will carry as much cargo as possible per load. If your cargo is loaded into the truck in a logical fashion, you will cut your unloading time in half. Our freight planners will load your truck for maximum profitability.

Truck Factoring

Any business needs financial help in its first few years of operation. If you are considering taking out a loan, you might want to consider truck factoring first. Truck factoring companies buy invoices at a reduced price. You get money right away and your clients pay the factoring company. We work with OTR Solutions which is one of the best factoring companies in the country.

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Fuel Card

We like to spoil our clients a little bit. Our fuel card will save you money on fuel, food, and other necessities your drivers need on the road.


An over-the-road trucker needs all kinds of permits when they travel across the country. They will need permits to buy fuel and permits to travel through certain states. If you do not have the required permits, you can be fined. We will make sure that you have all the permits you need to get where you are going legally.