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Commercial Truck Insurance Texas

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When you hear the word “insurance,” you might think of high premiums and the frustration you feel when an insurance company won’t pay a claim. As much as people dislike having to buy insurance in Texas, it is necessary if you are a carrier in the trucking industry. When you hire Simplex Group to handle your commercial trucking insurance, your business will be safe, your employees will be covered, and your client’s cargo will be secure.

What types of coverages should be included on a Commercial Insurance Policy?

There are many types of commercial trucking insurance. A commercial truck insurance package is made up of many different parts known as coverages. There are various ways to protect yourself from the numerous risks associated with trucking operations.

Trucking Auto Liability – All commercial trucks must have liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect you from liability risks if you or your driver have been involved in an accident and are found to be at fault. Your liability insurance will cover bodily injury claims, giving financial assistance for the injured party’s medical bills. Your liability coverage will cover any property damage that occurs due to the collision. Whether or not you are found to be at fault, your liability insurance will pay the expense of your defense if legal action is brought against you because of the accident.

The Department of Transportation requires commercial truck drivers to have insurance coverage ranging from $750,000 to $1,000,000 in Texas. The amount of insurance you’ll need is determined by the size of the vehicle, the distance it’ll travel, and the type of cargo you’ll be transporting.

One of the licensed Texas truck insurance agents at Simplex Group can offer you a commercial truck insurance policy with low premiums that will cover anyone who a truck driver from your fleet injures. 

Trucking Cargo Coverage- This is a type of inland marine insurance in Texas that protects goods and property being transported by motor carrier.

Truck drivers spend their lives on the road bringing people household goods and other things they need. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and if the freight gets damaged in transit, your clients will expect reimbursement.

Cargo insurance protects your client’s cargo if it is stolen or damaged mid-route. You do everything you can to protect the goods you carry, but truckers have to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom at some point. No matter how secure a truck is, theft is always possible, and there has been a surge in highway robberies recently.

The FMCSA requires that trucking companies carry cargo insurance of  $5,000 per vehicle and $10,000 for each accident or theft. Simplex prepares insurance policies that will cover anything that gets damaged in an accident. Our policies will cover the theft of cargo and products damaged during regular transit. 

Physical Damage – This is a coverage that protects the insured’s vehicle from damage. Perils such as collision, vandalism, and fire are all covered.

When a truck gets into an accident, it can cause major damage because trucks can roll over. Your liability coverage will only take care of injuries and auto repairs of people who are injured due to the fault of your truck driver.  

A trained, licensed agent at Simplex Group will find the perfect personal injury protection policies for your trucking business.

Trucker’s General Liability 

A motor carrier in Texas needs general insurance just like any other business. If someone is injured on your premises, they will expect you to pay their bills. People sometimes have slip and fall accidents at businesses, so you want to be prepared if someone takes a spill on your premises.

When you call the Simplex office for a Texas commercial truck insurance quote, be sure to get a quote for general insurance in Texas as well. We want to make sure that your business is fully secure when you open. 

Different Trucks Have Different Policies

Everyone who drives a car knows that insurance is required. When you own a trucking company, you will need to have a copious amount of commercial auto insurance, liability insurance, cargo insurance, and insurance for damage to your vehicles. The exact amount of insurance you need depends on the type of truck you drive and the type of cargo you carry.

Simplex Group understands the huge amount of insurance that any trucking business needs to operate. We will try to get you the best insurance possible while working within your budget. We consider ourselves a part of your business, and your success is imperative to our success.

Straight Trucks 

oving trucks or garbage trucks. There are far more straight trucks than there are semi-trucks and yet they cause fewer accidents than semi-trucks do. However, they must have insurance just the same. Your insurance rates will be higher if you are carrying cargo across state lines. It will also be higher if you are carrying hazardous material. Our insurance experts have years of experience in finding the right coverage for straight trucks. 

New Ventures

When a trucking company is new, it may have difficulty finding an affordable insurance policy. Some insurance companies may think that they lack the experience to manage a company properly and to comply with all the requirements of the FMCSA. New businesses tend to have new drivers, and new drivers tend to have more accidents.

Simplex Group specializes in providing insurance to new trucking companies. We can also help you with FMCSA compliance and the taxes that are necessary for the operation of a trucking company.


If you run a small company that simply runs hauls from Dallas to Austin, you may think that we are not the company for you. However, we provide insurance to trucking businesses of all sizes. We can write a policy for you that is compliant with the stringent insurance laws required by the Texas Department of Transportation. We help both large and small businesses with all commercial trucking insurance needs.

If you operate trucks that weigh over 26,000 pounds that haul household goods, Texas law states that you must have $500,000 worth of liability insurance. A truck that weighs less than 26,000 lb will still have to carry at least $300,000 worth of Texas commercial truck insurance.

Intermediate and Long Haul

If a trucker takes a haul over 250 miles, it is considered a long haul. Long haul truckers almost always carry products over state lines. This means that they must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s rules. 

Interstate trucking can be very lucrative if you have good drivers, good equipment, and the right insurance policy. Simplex can ensure you have an affordable policy that will cover everything necessary to get from place to place. 

Mixed Radius 

Most trucking companies do a combination of long-haul and short-haul runs. If a company were to buy separate insurance policies for long hauls and short hauls, it could cost them quite a bit of money. Fortunately, we can make you a mixed radius policy that will cover the various kinds of hauls that you do. When you fill out our form, you can provide information about the trucks in your fleet.

Auto Haulers

Hauling automobiles for a living is dangerous work. It is also very important to the economy and the people who are waiting to drive those cars. If you decide to take on this task, there are a lot of safety issues to consider.

An auto hauler must load the car onto their chassis just right. An improperly loaded auto hauler can cause a major accident. Auto hauler crashes have been responsible for major disasters on the roads. If such a load spills, it can cause multiple injuries and even fatalities.

Auto haulers are required to have at least 1 million dollars of liability insurance, but it is recommended that they have much more. 

Auto haulers are required to have cargo insurance liability coverage. The FMCSA requires you to have $100,000 worth of coverage for cargo. Obviously, all those cars are going to cost more than that. If you damage even one car, it will no longer be considered a new car, and you will have to pay the difference in cost.

You need an experienced company like ours to write insurance policies designed for you. We will cover you for anything that can happen when you are hauling cars.


Intermodal shipping refers to any shipment that uses two forms of transportation or more to get where it is going. Typically a trucking company will pick up cargo from an ocean freight shipper, airplane, or train.

Intermodal insurance is generally for trucking companies that carry cargo containers that were initially transported by ship. The shipping company will often own the chassis on which the products are carried. In some cases, an equipment rental company will rent you the chassis, but a trucking company rarely owns its own chassis.

When you take an intermodal shipment, the cargo has been packed by another company. However, cargo can still become damaged, and the shipper or the ocean freight company may claim that you are responsible. It is best to have full coverage in case this becomes necessary.

There is much they can go wrong with a shipping container chassis. If they are not fastened properly, they can slip off. The chassis itself must also be in good shape. Containers falling onto a highway or street can cause a major disaster.

We will ensure that you have liability coverage for intermodal transportation when you buy commercial trucking insurance from us. We can also provide leaser’s insurance for the chassis that you have to rent. 

We know that your company will have a great chance of success if we properly protect your equipment and employees.

 UIIA & Trailer Interchange 

The Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement is a contract between equipment providers and truckers. There are over 10,000 companies that participate in the UIIAA. The UIIA sets the standards for intermodal transportation.

It mandates certain insurance requirements for trucking companies. You must have 1 million dollars of insurance if you are going to carry containers. We will write you an insurance policy that will fully protect your company, your drivers, and the public if you should have this kind of accident.

Available Coverage for One Vehicle 

If you are an independent trucker operating out of your home, or if you have a truck that you use for your business, we can provide an insurance policy for you. Owner-operators are important clients to us, and independent contractors are an important part of the trucking industry in general. 

We consider your success our success. Our licensed Texas insurance representatives will do everything they can to ensure that your business will thrive. 

As with liability insurance, there are a lot of different kinds of cargo insurance. The kind you get will depend on the kind of vehicle you drive and the cargo that you carry.

Reefer Coverage

If you operate reefer trucks, then you are likely to need more cargo coverage than if you were to just take general freight. 

There is much that can go wrong with refrigerated cargo. If heat gets into the truck, It can spoil the food. There is nothing messier to clean up than a truck that has melted food in it. If refrigerated items spill out onto the highway, it can create quite a mess.

Dry Goods Coverage

Dry goods are canned goods, paper products, auto parts, etc. They need to be transported in a truck that is safe from the elements. If dry goods get wet, your company will be responsible for paying for them. You may take every precaution to keep your goods dry, but accidents can still happen.

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