Trucking Industry Concerns of 2022 (Part 2) 

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(For a review of the top 5 concerns, visit our previous blog post)

Continuing with our review of top industry concerns for 2022, as identified by ATRI’s report, let’s dive into the issues that made it to the bottom of the top 10. It’s important to remember the issues listed below have been ranked as top concerns by a very large sample of individuals who are active members of the trucking industry. Ranked by motor carriers, owner-operators, and commercial drivers alike, here are the issues that occupy spots 6 through 10 in this year’s top concerns. 

Detention and delay at customer facilities continue to be one of the main issues that affect drivers all around the country. The time spent waiting at a customer’s facility negatively impacts the driver’s pay, which becomes intertwined with other factors like driver retention and compensation. On top of that, not all customer facilities have enough parking spaces for the drivers to wait, or provide accommodations like restrooms or refreshments for the drivers. 

The third factor in the driver trinity, Driver Retention, is listed as #7 on the list. ATRI’s report points to a significant increase in retention bonuses, which reflects companies’ efforts to keep its drivers from leaving them. Click here to do a deep dive into the best driver retention strategies, and understand what drivers are really looking for.

Nearing the bottom of the list, we find that Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) occupies spot #8 in the industry’s top concerns. Inaccurate representations of a carrier’s risk profile, along with performance evaluation methodologies. Find out how CSA scores can affect your business here.

 For the first time, Speed Limiters are included in the industry’s top 10 concerns. This item makes its debut as a concerning issue, largely because of the FMCSA’s intent to implement a speed limiter rule in 2023. The idea to implement speed limiters did not land well with most drivers as they argue it’s not a realistic way to keep the roads safe, and they were quick to point out different ways in which speed limiters might be counterproductive. For more information on speed limiters and what they might imply for your business click here. 

Finally, in spot #10 we find that the trucking industry at large is concerned about the Lawsuit abuse reform. This is the third year in a row that this issue makes the top 10 list.  The trucking industry in general, and drivers in particular are suffering the negative consequences of personal injury firms that take advantage of current laws in litigations. These firms and their constant lawsuits have influenced the insurance markets in the trucking industry to the point where Florida Trucking reports that insurance coverage to MCs is becoming scarce. 

With these issues in mind, we must unite as an industry and create solutions that will truly benefit us all. Speed limiters might look good on paper, but we should start to really listen to the drivers and carriers who experience these challenges firsthand, and come together to ensure our industry continues to grow and evolve! Let’s keep trucking together!