Trucking Myths

Photo of a truck driver

For people foreign to the trucking industry, a lot of it might seem mysterious, puzzling and confusing. This can lead to misconceptions that harm the image of the industry, creating a negative reputation that impacts drivers, owner-operators, and trucking businesses alike. For this, and many more reasons, it’s imperative to set the record straight and debunk some of the most common myths about the trucking industry and shed light on what it really entails. 

Let’s get into it:

MYTH #1– TRUCKING AVERAGE SALARIES ARE LOW: There is the perception that truck drivers have a low income, or that this career is not reliable. However, the average trucking salary doesn’t deviate from the national average. Within the trucking industry, the more experience you have the more likely you are to get higher pay, especially if you keep a good driving record. 

MYTH #2– NO TIME FOR FAMILY: It’s commonly assumed that truck drivers spend all of their time away from home. That their job prevents them from having a family or spending time with them. In reality, the time spent away depends a lot on the type of carrier you choose to be. Over-the-road drivers can spend weeks away from home, but regional drivers can be home every weekend. 

MYTH #3– DRIVERS ARE OVER-WORKED: Most people think that truck drivers are completely exhausted at all times. But that is not necessarily true. There are several laws and regulations that have been implemented to protect drivers and ensure they have enough time to rest on a daily basis, and be energized and ready for the road. These laws include meal breaks, time to rest, and a limit on the hours of service a driver can engage in every day. These regulations are enforced to ensure YOUR safety and well-being!

MYTH #4– ONLY MEN CAN BE TRUCKERS: When people think of truck drivers, they think of a man. While this field has been predominantly occupied by males, that is ancient history now! As time passes by, trucking is no longer a man’s game. More and more women are joining the trucking industry and it’s increasing its diversity as well.  

MYTH #5– TRUCK DRIVERS CREATE UNSAFE CONDITIONS ON THE ROAD: It’s a common misconception that truckers are creating unsafe driving conditions by speeding through our highways to meet deadlines, and increase efficiency. However, drivers are aware of the risks associated with speeding and they are the ones interested in avoiding collisions and accidents. Drivers are heavily trained and informed on safety before they are even issued a license!

So, if you see a driver on the road, give them a thumbs up! 

MYTH #6– AUTONOMOUS SEMI-TRUCKS WILL REPLACE DRIVERS: Many people are wondering whether drivers will be replaced by self-driving vehicles. However, “autonomous” trucks still require a person to be in the cab and correct any errors, as well as stay alert for other drivers and unexpected events. It’s highly unlikely that truck drivers will be replaced anytime soon

These are the most common myths that surround the trucking industry. We hope this blog helps create awareness of the reality of this industry and shed a positive light on it.