Women in Trucking—How Have They Shaped the Industry?

In the past, the trucking industry has been male-dominated, but today, the industry is being run by successful women and men alike. As more and more women enter this field, they continue to take the trucking industry by storm and change it for the better.

Changing Perspectives

One of the most valuable ways that women are changing the industry is through their unique experiences. As they enter the industry, they bring their stories and perspectives into the conversations about trucking. Even though there used to be some misconceptions about female truckers, women in trucking have proven these misconceptions wrong and have gained the admiration of their male counterparts by making their voices and their ideas heard.

The women in this industry are changing what used to be a stereotypically male profession and opening the door for generations of female truckers to aspire to have successful careers in trucking.

Driver Shortage

As you probably know, the trucking industry is having more and more trouble finding enough drivers, especially with the rising number of rules and regulations. But having more female truck drivers in the industry can really help here. In fact, the women in this industry prioritize safety and tend to leave carriers if they don’t feel safe.

So, because female drivers prioritize safety compliance, they can help fill this driver shortage that has been caused largely because of the number of increasing regulations that are turning away other drivers. Already, the number of female drivers is growing by 10% every year.


In order to fill the driver shortages with aspiring female truckers, companies have realized that they need to make some internal changes, especially with their hiring processes. In order to recruit female drivers, companies have to create advertisements that show that they are specifically looking to grow their number of female drivers. It is important for these women to know that a company is making the effort to make their workplace and the industry more inclusive.

As a result, companies are now actively seeking potential employees from different backgrounds to create a diverse workplace and a thriving industry that is open to everyone.

As we wrap up this blog, we want to acknowledge the women working in this industry. We see all the hard work you’re putting in, and Simplex thanks you and admires you. Keep changing the game!