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Client Reviews


Company is great. Wish I could give beyond 5 stars. Andrea Nicole call me constantly to make sure company on the right track. My company Was about to shut down with an audit. I hire these guys and let them handle it. Now …



I would highly recommend them to the new owner operators just starting out. They helped us through our DOT audit and continue with keeping us on track in maintaining our safety and compliance. Nuzzly is very helpful and resourceful when it comes to safety and compliance. Will definitely continue to…

Eddy J


My manager is great, Adriana is the most helpful. I am very satisfied with the attention my account manager gives my company. I look forward to working with Adriana and simplex with all the features they offer. Triune Transport llc….



Nuzzly has been my advisor and has been in charge if helping me through the entire filing process. She is very knowledgeable and always ready to help if I have any questions. Thanks for all the hard work….

Edgar Escuadra


We have been Simplex’s customers for a while, but lately I have been working with Viviane Coto and I am very happy with all the progrees she has made in keeping all our records, since day one she review our account and sent a report with all information she needed to bring files up to date; I hi…

New Way Transport Inc


Very very professional and the ladies are beautiful five stars all the way around enough said go get your truck situated at simplex group hands down they knew what you need because they know what they’re doing…

James Jr


Simplex have been very beneficial to our company and we appreciate everything they have done to maintain us in compliance all the time! Special thanks to SAM Christianne Espinoza and Lilian Medina, as they have been the key to our success!!!!…

Raider Ferro


Nuzzly Cueva has been our account representative since we signed up with Simplex and I can personally say she goes above and beyond to ensure our company is running smoothly. She is very professional and just a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your hard work, Nuzzly!…

Daniella Tezna


Excelente servicio y experiencia de su equipo…

john alexander gallego


Great people and great service…

Luis Torreschavez

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January 31, 2022
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