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We encompass DOT Compliance, Freight Planning, Permitting, Factoring, and Insurance, so you can get it done in one place, instead of having to look for different companies

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Client Reviews


Thank you SAM Christine Espinoza for your great service….

Pepe Rodriguez


I was very impressed with professionalism and knowledge. I was helped by Zuset Toledo who guide me throughout the process in getting my tag in a time record .thank you Simplex for helping us to keep on Trucking …

Maxcene Charlme


I would highly recommend them to the new owner operators just starting out. They helped us through our DOT audit and continue with keeping us on track in maintaining our safety and compliance. Nuzzly is very helpful and resourceful when it comes to safety and compliance. Will definitely continue to…

Eddy J


Its my pleasure to work with this company also my assistance ( Nuzzly Cueva) she’s very helpful and you will feel comfortable to deal with her also she is very nice person thank you Nuzzly its my pleasure to work with you sincerely Amazonia logistics LLC…

Nana OJ


Hello Simple group is very good for help transportation company Mr johan help me and never i forget him Thank you Dolphine trailer transportation is…

Ahmad Karimian


My Agent Carlos Madrid is exceptional in service delivery,am very pleased…

Gibson Esemu-Ezewu


We have been Simplex’s customers for a while, but lately I have been working with Viviane Coto and I am very happy with all the progrees she has made in keeping all our records, since day one she review our account and sent a report with all information she needed to bring files up to date; I hi…

New Way Transport Inc


Andrea is always very helpful and available. Thank you, Andrea, for all your hard work!…

Eunice Flores


Nuzzly Cueva is the best, always attentive and dedicated to making things happen by all means. Thank You Mam….

Henry Dixon Jr


Tommy Herrera / Excalibur Express Andrea was very courteous and knowledgeable on the Questions I had asked her I’m very grateful that I’m able to work with her…

Tommy Herrera Jr


Andrea is my go-to person. She is a go-getter and she works hard for your company. Great company to work with over all….

Rachael Wilson


Nuzzly has been my advisor and has been in charge if helping me through the entire filing process. She is very knowledgeable and always ready to help if I have any questions. Thanks for all the hard work. 👍…

Edgar Escuadra


Great and helpful company! Andrea is a rock star!…

Stan Taylor


SAM Christianne Espinoza is seriously one of the few people that answers your phone calls and emails and look to actually help when needed. I had a previous agent assisting me and she was seriously horrible. Sam Christianne have given me a better look of the company…

CB Jeffe


Exellent customer service. Aligar Transport LLC…

Gerardo g

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