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You are an ambitious and independent entrepreneur, on the road to a better life.

Everything, from the food we eat, to the fuel we use to power our homes, cars and businesses, as well as critical medical supplies and equipment, are transported across the country and beyond by a group of hard working individuals like you, who spend countless days and nights on the road.


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We encompass DOT Compliance, Freight Planning, Permitting, Factoring, and Insurance, so you can get it done in one place, instead of having to look for different companies

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Introducing Simplex ELD System!

Simplex ELD goes above and beyond to provide intuitive and customized solutions for your fleet while reducing its bottom line on fleet and assets as well as staying compliant with all ELD Mandates.

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Luis Gonzales


Ramon Reina


Para :Mariela Guillen Leiva Service Account Manager Llevo más de tres años con esta compañía trabajando, empecé con ellos y me prestaban la mayoría de los servicios que mi compañía necesitaba al comienzo el trabajo bueno y detallado con el tiempo muy mal trabajo retardo y errores sin control…

Danaysi Estrada Pilotos


Andrea is my go-to person. She is a go-getter and she works hard for your company. Great company to work with over all….

Rachael Wilson


Julio Cruz


Muy profesional y excelente trabajo mi compañía es lastralogistic…

Javier Lastra


Thank you SAM Christine Espinoza for your great service. The Rodgil Group LLC…

Pepe Rodriguez


I was very impressed with professionalism and knowledge. I was helped by Zuset Toledo who guide me throughout the process in getting my tag in a time record .thank you Simplex for helping us to keep on Trucking 🚚…

Maxcene Charlme

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January 31, 2022
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January 28, 2022

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